Over 65% of World Health Organization members have fewer than five pharmacists per 10,000 patients. This growing shortage could increase the demand for pharmacists around the world. If you’re considering a pharmacy technician job, you don’t have to feel rooted in one place, though.

Instead, consider becoming a locum. Locums are becoming increasingly important in the medical field. There are many benefits of choosing this career path as well.

What are the benefits of becoming a locum support pharmacist? Keep reading to find out!

After reading this guide, you can make a more informed decision regarding your career path. Read on to learn more!

Why Locums are Important

By 2035, the shortage of health workers, including pharmacists, could reach 12.9 million. With that in mind, more healthcare facilities are beginning to recognize the benefits of locums.

Here are a few reasons why locums are becoming so important to the industry.

1. Higher Patient Satisfaction

The increase of locum support pharmacists can help improve patient satisfaction.

Otherwise, pharmacies might become understaffed. Organizations might find it difficult to work efficiently as a result. It could take longer to provide patients with the help and services they need.

Patients could grow frustrated waiting for their medications or answers to their questions. They might take their business to another pharmacy instead.

In order to increase patient satisfaction rates, pharmacies are listing more pharmacy technician jobs. As a locum, you can help pharmacies and patients.

You could become a helpful resource for patients in the area. Providing patients with the support and care they need will give them peace of mind. Meanwhile, you can experience job satisfaction knowing you helped a patient.

You can work with a staffing company to find pharmacy technician jobs anywhere in the world. Then, you can become an important asset to the pharmacy team. As part of the team, you’ll have a direct impact on patient satisfaction.

You can improve the quality of patient care and help those in need of your services.

2. Opens New Service Lines

With COVID-19 still a threat, many healthcare facilities are trying to improve their services. Adding a locum to the team can bridge any gaps in service lines.

As facilities begin adding new services, locums can become part of the strategy to set these facilities up for success. Some locum hires even become members of the permanent staff.

Either way, you can fill in a gap at a facility or pharmacy. With your help, you can help the facility offer new services to patients.

3. Covers Time Off

Many healthcare providers are working overtime in light of the pandemic, too. Unfortunately, this could lead to burnout. Staff members need time off.

Locums can help fill in the gap when staff members require family leave or a vacation. They can work as a member of the team for as long as needed. By hiring a locum support pharmacist, the employees can recharge without burning out.

4. Promotes Continuous Improvement

One small gap in a team can have a ripple effect throughout an entire organization. Hiring locum pharmacists can benefit the entire team. It can improve the team’s efficiency and ensure the entire system runs smoothly.

Meanwhile, patients will get faster, more convenient assistance.

The Benefits of Pursuing This Career

Now that you understand why healthcare facilities and pharmacies need locums, let’s discuss your career. Here are a few benefits of becoming a locum support pharmacist to keep in mind. By reviewing these benefits, you could make a big change in your career.

1. Grow Professionally

Working in the same hospital pharmacy or facility could cause your career to stall. Instead, consider becoming a locum. You can work in different facilities and environments.

Working in different environments can broaden your skill set. You’ll discover new techniques and learn from different people. Each supervising pharmacist you meet could help you advance your career.

You can learn from new mentors and continue growing. Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about getting bored!

2. Earn Extra Money

About 86% of graduates in the medical field carry educational debt. The average medical school debt rose to $190,000 by 2016 as well.

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a locum is competitive pay.

Taking a part-time assignment could involve working extra shifts during your days off, too. You can earn extra money and quickly pay off your school loans. You can also save for future, major expenses, such as a home or child’s college tuition.

If you decide to become a full-time locum, it could involve a larger commute or travel. These positions often include free housing and travel reimbursements. They also pay generously.

You can receive higher salary rates for similar, permanent positions.

You could discover opportunities for overtime pay as well.

Either way, the financial benefits are a major perk.

3. Get Paid to Travel

Are you struggling to contain your wanderlust? As a locum support pharmacist, you get to travel across the world. You can explore different choices and continue advancing your career.

If you’ve always lived in a big city, consider a quiet, rural environment instead. You can work with your locum recruiter to explore different locations. Then, you can start checking your travel goals off your bucket list!

Meanwhile, the agency will handle the logistics for you. They’ll set you up with free accommodations and cover the travel expenses, too.

4. Schedule Flexibility

Remember, many full-time employees are overworked, leading to burnout. Many of them don’t get a chance to control their work schedule or take a vacation. Locums, on the other hand, don’t have to worry.

As a locum, you can control your schedule. You’ll decide where and when you want to work. You can even plan time off between assignments.

You can even schedule assignments to visit friends and family across the world. The control you’ll gain will ensure you experience the perfect work/life balance.

5. Help Those in Need

One of the great benefits of becoming a locum support pharmacist is gaining the chance to give back. You can work in an underserved area and help rural communities. You’ll also help doctors who require support pharmacists in these underserved areas.

Giving back to those in need can help you experience job satisfaction.

You can talk to your recruiter about assignments where there’s an increasing need. Then, you can use your skills to help people around the world.

6. Spend More Time With Patients

Locums gain the chance to spend time with more patients as well. You’ll meet new people every day. Meanwhile, you can build trust with patients and provide them with the help they need.

You won’t have to worry about administrative burdens, workplace politics, or other stressors, either. Instead, you can spend more time and energy communicating with patients.

Some full-time employees rush to help as many patients as possible. Unfortunately, these patients don’t always get the chance to ask questions about their medications. As a locum, you can help these patients.

You can ensure they receive the care, support, and answers they need.

Spending more time with patients can increase your job satisfaction, too. You can experience the reason you got into medicine in the first place: to help others.

7. Avoid Burnout

Unfortunately, work burnout is becoming an increasingly common problem, especially in the medical field. If you’re feeling worn down by your current situation, consider becoming a locum. You can find different hospital pharmacy jobs while controlling your schedule.

You can find a change of pace without abandoning your medical career.

Instead, you could revive your career. Taking a break between assignments can help you recharge. You can prioritize your own health without the stress of a full-time job.

By becoming a support pharmacist and accomplishing work/life balance, you could improve your long-term health as well.

8. Build Your Career

By improving their skill set, locums also get the chance to transition into new phases of their careers.

Working as a locum support pharmacist will help you gain important work experience. You can strengthen your resume and become a more competitive candidate.

Becoming a locum will allow you to test drive career transitions, too. If you decide a position isn’t right for your career, that’s okay. You can try something different instead.

Either way, you can become a major asset to any team without taking on a full-time role.

9. Enrich Your Personal Life

Becoming a support pharmacist can help you experience a number of personal benefits, too.

For example, you can take time off to develop new skills, explore the world, or relax. You can even provide new experiences for your family. If they’ve never had the chance to travel, this is the perfect chance.

Meanwhile, you can build relationships with new people across the world. New friendships can enrich your life and help you grow.

The Importance of Locums: Your Guide to a New Career Path

Locums are becoming an important asset in the medical field. By becoming a locum support pharmacist, you can experience these benefits and more. Consider accepting a locum assignment as a pharmacist today!

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