Do you remember those days when people had careers for careers’ sake? Well, it should not come as a surprise to you that those days are long gone.

What could be the reason? Your guess is as good as mine.

Nowadays, most people go into a professional career of their choice for fulfilment. Nothing beats having the career you love doing.

These days, a career in pharmacy comes with several perks. Some of these benefits may lean towards financial stability, pharmaceutical knowledge, or an established career. However, a career in pharmacy can seem taxing. But it can also be rewarding in the long run.

Pharmacists are certified health professionals responsible for the accurate delivery of medicine to patients. Their healthcare services include providing professional advice, the safe dispensation of drugs, and the prescription of dosages.

It is not a secret that pharmacists love their jobs because of the distinctive role they perform in the healthcare industry.

There are many satisfying reasons behind the love pharmacists have for their jobs.

Here are the 12 top reasons pharmacists love their jobs.

1. Capacity to make Progressive Changes

As the medication expert within a team of doctors, pharmacists administer research, dispense accurate dosages, and inform other health professionals about updates within the industry.

Pharmacists are accessible within healthcare settings and correspond effectively with patients.

Getting advice on medications from a pharmacist can be significant and bring about effective outcomes in the lives of patients. Pharmacists play a crucial role in patients’ wellness, because of their specialisation in medication.

2. Resilience in Working Hours

Pharmacists enjoy flexibility, mobility, and stability in their preferred career field. A pharmacist has the liberty to choose the hours, days, and even the months to work. You can decide to work on part-time shifts, night shifts, day shifts, weekdays, or work on the weekends.

It is a great way to balance work and personal life. A career in pharmacy provides flexible working hours, alongside endless opportunities to work in new environments.

Having a career in pharmacy today differs from how it was around 20 to 30 years ago.

Pharmacists can work in any healthcare setting.

3. Interpersonal Relationship with Patients

Pharmacists have become one of the most available health caregivers across the country. The goal of a pharmacist is to help patients live healthy lives. Pharmacists maintain interpersonal relationships with patients to get a better understanding of their healthcare needs.

Pharmacists are free to attend to patients at suitable times without an appointment; it could be every day of the week, from morning to evening, and during weekend hours.

Pharmacists also provide other services that include asthma care, blood pressure monitoring, cholesterol screening, and diabetes disease management.

4. Serving with a Team of Groundbreaking Innovation

Pharmacogenomics, a discipline in pharmacy, focuses on genetic variations in genes. The study observes the influence of the body’s reaction to a drug. Specialists are looking to sequence the human gene in each person.

Pharmacists become a part of a community of groundbreaking innovation by utilising available information to choose the best drugs, respond to the treatment of diseases, or prevent these diseases through customised drug therapies.

5. Compensation

As an entry-level pharmacist or a seasoned pharmacist, the income you earn is financially satisfying. But it depends on the progression of your career. The average salary of a pharmacist in Ireland is between €50,000 to €70,000.

There is a reassuring fact that pharmacists take home a substantial salary as compensation for the work they do.

6. Constant Development in Professional Knowledge

Any professional will want to keep on developing professional knowledge in his/her career. So, why not a pharmacist? Another reason pharmacists love their job is the ability to keep on developing professional expertise.

The development could meet the requirements for Continuing Education. A pharmacist must be well-informed about updated treatment guidelines and new medications approved for the treatment.

7. Career Progression

Several impressive developments are succeeding in the pharmacy profession. The progression extends towards specialty pharmacy, pharmacogenomics, and digital advancements.

There is a growing demand for pharmaceutical services across Ireland, including most of the profession. A pharmacist that maintains a career progression keeps him/her in constant demand.

8. Reputation of a Professional in the Community

Pharmacists are a part of the most esteemed and dependable professionals in the healthcare industry. Pharmacists are a fundamental part of every community and, as exceptional leaders, we repute them to be honest and have great work ethics.

Pharmacists show genuine concern for the health of people within the community. They also help the elderly patients in understanding complicated medication requirements.

9. Digital Transformation

With technological advancement in pharmacy, electronic prescriptions, central processing, and nationwide prescription monitoring programs increase organisation and enhance patient safety.

Pharmacists are making use of digital tools to supervise dispensing medicines and medication management.

10. State of Emergency Response

Having quick access to the pharmacy during a state of medical emergency could be lifesaving. Pharmacists undergo training that enables them to recognise the symptoms of diseases that may lead to an outbreak.

When there is an emergency, pharmacists can respond to prevent casualties and lower the risk of spreading diseases.

11. Career Diversity

Pharmacy is a versatile professional that combines science, healthcare, direct patient care, business, and technology. With a degree in pharmacy, pharmacists enjoy diversity in their careers.

Some pharmacists have a career in clinical pharmacy. Others could have a career in community pharmacy, home health care, pharmaceutical research, elderly homes, academia, or government health agencies.

12. Mentoring

Seasoned pharmacy professionals can serve as a mentor to entry-level pharmacists. Regardless of the career setting, pharmacists in senior positions can mentor future pharmacists to select pharmacy as a career.

Pharmacists can advance the knowledge of future pharmacists and entry-level pharmacists through their years of experience. Serving as a mentor at school or the workplace could be a source of motivation.

How do I become a Qualified Pharmacist in Ireland?

According to the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI), if you intend to qualify as a pharmacist in Ireland, you must go through five years of education and training. The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI) accredits three pharmacy degree programmes in Ireland.

After completing your education and practical training, the next step to begin your career as a qualified pharmacist would be to register with the PSI.

Pharmacists have a significant effect on patients’ health-related outcome, and it includes ensuring the patient comply and adhere to prescribed medication.

Pharmacists collaborate with other healthcare professionals to boost the outcome of healthcare services. Several studies show that during the attendance of a pharmacist on hospital rounds, as a full member of the patient care team, there is the prevention of medication errors.

Types of Pharmacists

With options ranging from scientific research and innovation to patient care, pharmacists can work in diverse settings. In Ireland, pharmacists can perform in different roles across the healthcare system.

The roles of pharmacists in Ireland are;

Community Pharmacists

This is the most popular role for pharmacists in Ireland, as over 3,000 pharmacists are working in

this role. There are four definite job positions under this role.

  • Support Pharmacists
  • Relief/Locum Pharmacists
  • Supervising Pharmacists
  • Superintendent Pharmacists

Hospital Pharmacists

Hospital Pharmacists perform their duties within a hospital setting. They are an eminent authority on information, as health professionals can request them to suggest a safe combination of drugs.

Industrial Pharmacists

Industry Pharmacists perform the research and creation of medications. These pharmacists hold their careers in carrying out tests, evolving new drugs, quality assurance, and making sure that the new medication complies with regulations.

Nuclear Pharmacists

Nuclear Pharmacists focus on the formulation of radioactive materials to enhance and aid health through the productive use of radioactive medicines to detect and treat definite diseases.

Are Pharmacists in High Demand?

Pharmacy is a service-oriented career and the service pivots around medicine and patients. Over 82% of pharmacy graduates get employment within six months, the statistics prove that there are employability prospects for pharmacy students.

There will always be a demand for pharmacists irrespective of the practice. So, if you love interpersonal communication, helping people, or developing innovative medication; a career in pharmacy may just be good for you.


There are many reasons pharmacists love their job. Pharmacists invest in attaining positive health outcomes, which include lesser hospitalisations, slow disease progression, and fewer comorbidities.

Being a pharmacist is a fulfilling career. It isn’t unusual that pharmacists love their job; serving a greater purpose for people. Pharmacists also love their jobs because it allows them to start up their businesses and deliver healthcare services.

The demand for pharmacists is high and may not be going into decline soon. If you are considering a career in pharmacy or moving to Ireland to work as a pharmacist, the time is now.

For potential students, send out your applications to pharmacy schools in Ireland. For entry-level graduates and seasoned professionals, craft a tailored pharmacy CV for that job you have your eyes on and send it out today.

If you’re interested in becoming a pharmacist then check out all our current vacant roles here.