PSI Registration

Anyone wishing to practise as a pharmacist in Ireland must first register with the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI). The Registration and Qualification Recognition Unit is responsible for processing all registration applications and usually endeavours to process all applications in the quickest and most efficient manner. Below is a list of options available to both first time and continued registration applicants:

First Time Registration

This details how you can apply for registration as a first-time applicant in Ireland with the PSI. There are different routes of registration for pharmacists depending on where a person has graduated and trained as a pharmacist.

Continued Registration

Pharmacists wishing to remain on the register to practice in Ireland must apply on an annual basis for continued registration and pay an yearly fee.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

In order to be accepted for continued registration, all pharmacists must complete a declaration on an annual basis that they undertake to maintain appropriate experience in the practice of pharmacy, keep up-to-date of continuing education and professional developments in the profession of pharmacy, and undertake appropriate continuing professional development relevant to the practice of pharmacy.

Changes to Registration Details

Registrants can make changes to personal details held by the PSI (for example; professional, correspondence and email addresses) using the online Registrant login section. It is important that registrants keep their contact details and other information updated for the public registers.

Cancelling your Registration

If you no longer wish to be registered with the PSI or if you are considering retiring from the Register of Pharmacists, you can voluntarily cancel your registration with the PSI on request.

Restoring your Registration

If you wish to restore your name to the Register, having previously withdrawn, you should complete the restoration form and return it to the PSI.

Certificates of Confirmation of Qualification and/or Current Professional Status

If you are applying for registration in another country, you may need a Certificate of Confirmation of Qualification (CCQ) and/or Current Professional Status (CCPS) to be sent on your behalf to a relevant authority by the PSI.

Supervising and Superintendent Pharmacists

Each pharmacy must have a superintendent and a supervising pharmacist. Changes to the supervising and superintendent pharmacist in a pharmacy must be notified to the PSI by submitting an application form.

Temporary Absence of a Pharmacist

The Pharmacy Act 2007 provides particular conditions under which retail pharmacies must operate, including that the sale and supply of medicinal products must be carried out by or under the personal supervision of a registered pharmacist at all times. To do otherwise is an offence, except where a registered pharmaceutical assistant acts on behalf of a pharmacist during their temporary absence (this excludes functions that are restricted to pharmacists under specific medicines legislation e.g. vaccination services). The current position regarding scope of practice of pharmaceutical assistants and what constitutes temporary absence is based on the Code of Practice governing the temporary absence clause of the Pharmacy Act (Amendment) Act 1890, as agreed with the Pharmaceutical Assistants Association and the PSI following discussions in 1994.

Certificates of Registration

Certificates of Registration are issued once applications for registration or continued registration, including fees, have been processed.


The Registration and Qualification Recognition Unit can be contacted by email or by phoning +353 (0)1 2184000.

  • The PSI (Registration) Rules 2008
  • The PSI (Retail Pharmacy Business) (Registration) Rules 2008