Do you like science and medicine? Are you a people person? If so, you should consider becoming a pharmacist.

Pharmacists not only have very fulfilling careers, but they also make a boatload of money. Wondering why you should pursue a career in pharmacy? Here are some of the top reasons.

It’s a Respected Profession

You may or may not care about the level of prestige that your job holds. But if you do, you’ll be glad to know that pharmacy is a well-respected profession. Pharmacists are vital to the functioning of our society and are generally seen in the same light as physicians, pilots, dentists, and the like.

This respect is well-earned, as the job carries a great deal of responsibility. After all, you essentially hold peoples’ lives in your hands.

Not to mention, it takes 5 years even to become a pharmacist. Anyone willing to go to school for that long is demonstrating a major level of commitment and dedication. That commitment and dedication deserve respect.

It’s Always Going to Be Necessary

There will never be a time in which medications aren’t necessary. People get sick and require treatments for their ailments. It’s just the way the world turns.

This is good for pharmacists, as it ensures that they’ll always be needed in some capacity. You can’t just let 16-year-olds hand out potent medications, after all. These medications have to be handled and distributed by licensed and educated individuals.

Many other careers will wane in importance over time. But the career of the pharmacist has staying power. Become a pharmacist, and you’re bound to be one of the top earners regardless of where you live.

There Are Many Different Types of Jobs Available

When you think of a pharmacist, you probably think of a person in a grocery store standing behind a counter and dealing with customers all day. This is certainly the public perception of pharmacists, and, yes, these individuals are, indeed, pharmacists. However, they’re far from the only types of pharmacists out there.

In truth, pharmacists work in a number of capacities. So, regardless of your interests and personality, there is bound to be a pharmacy profession that suits you.

There are research pharmacists, retail pharmacists, clinical pharmacists, pharmacy consultants, ambulatory care pharmacists, and more. These individuals work in retail stores, hospitals, nursing homes, and a variety of other settings.

Whether it’s hospital pharmacy jobs, or whether it’s a job at McCabes Pharmacy, Boots Pharmacy, or Lloyds Pharmacy, pharmacy jobs can be broken down into different categorizations as well. For instance, you could be a support pharmacist or you could be a supervising pharmacist.

You can also work as a pharmacy technician or a pharmacy assistant (also known as an over the counter assistant). There are just as many pharmacy technician jobs as there are pharmacist jobs.

So, don’t think that you’ll be subject to customer complaints all day long. You actually have a great deal of flexibility in this field and can change avenues at any time.

Pharmacists Make a Lot of Money

Money isn’t everything when it comes to a career. However, it certainly makes a difference. If you’re looking to make a lot of money with your job, you need to put serious consideration into becoming a pharmacist.

In Ireland, pharmacists make an average of €94,000 a year. For comparison, the median household income in Ireland in 2019 was around €53,000. In other words, pharmacist’s salaries are substantial.

Yes, other careers enable you to make more money, but pharmacy is certainly toward the upper end. With a career in pharmacy, you’ll never want for anything.

Pharmacists Get to Help People

There are a lot of boring and borderline-meaningless jobs out there. Pharmacy is not one of these.

Why is this? Because pharmacists make a legitimate contribution to society on an everyday basis. They provide people with life-saving medications and get to help in a truly tangible way.

So, if you’re the type of person who gets good feelings out of helping others, this is definitely a profession that you need to consider.

You’ll Be Part of a Friendly and Welcoming Community

There’s a long road to becoming a pharmacist. It requires a great deal of time, hard work, and dedication. There is some sacrifice involved in pursuing this career, but you won’t be sacrificing alone; you’ll be doing it beside others who are in the same boat as you.

And for this reason, the pharmacy community is one of the strongest in existence. Pharmacists understand how hard their fellow pharmacists have worked and tend to feel an inherent kinship with them. As such, they’re about as friendly and as welcoming as a professional community could be.

As a pharmacist, you’ll find connections with other pharmacists online, at conventions, and, of course, at your workplace. For the rest of your life, you’ll get to be part of this exclusive club. That’s not something that available with many other careers.

You’ll Be Able to Move With Ease

The thing about pharmacists is that they’re needed literally everywhere. Whether it’s a huge city, a large city, a medium-sized city, a small city, a town, or a village, it needs pharmacists.

This is nowhere near the case for most other professions. But other professions aren’t quite as necessary as the profession of pharmacist. After all, everyone needs a way to access medications, and pharmacists are the only ones who can give them to them.

This is a great thing for pharmacists, as it enables them to move with ease. Tired of your current city? You can almost certainly find a new pharmacy job in any other city of your choice.

Looking to settle down and move to a smaller town? Again, there is likely a bevy of small towns that require pharmacists.

At the end of the day, a pharmacy career provides substantial freedom flexibility. You’re not going to be tied down to one place. Because of your credentials and because of the need for professionals like you, you’ll have your pick of just about anywhere.

You’ll Be Playing a Huge Role in the Healthcare System

A community’s healthcare system is comprised of many different professionals, from physicians to nurses to dentists to surgeons and more. Standing on the same ground as these professionals are the pharmacists, who play a huge role in keeping the wheel turning, so to speak.

Pharmacists don’t just hand out medications. They also administer vaccines (such as flu vaccines, shingles vaccines, and even the Covid vaccine), make pharmaceutical recommendations to patients, and consult with other members of the healthcare system as a means of providing the best care possible.

If you want to work in a field where your contribution truly matters, then pharmacy would suit you well. Every day you go to work, you’ll be a vital part of numerous individuals’ health and well-being.

You’ll Become Highly Educated

Do you have a thirst for knowledge? If so, pharmacy is a career that might suit you. There is a great deal of education required to hold this job, meaning that you’ll need to become an expert in the field.

Not only will you need to spend 4 years pursuing a BS degree in Pharmacy but a year pursuing an MS degree in Pharmacy as well. The amount of specialized knowledge you’ll pick up while in the midst of earning your degrees will be mind-boggling.

You’ll also have the opportunity to pursue various electives throughout your college years. So, if you wanted to gain a deeper understanding of, say, music or sociology, you would be able to.

Your Work Will Be Meaningful

There are so many people out there trapped in jobs they hate. A large reason for this is that their work feels, more or less, meaningless.

They crunch numbers, or push paper, or make phone calls, but don’t get to be on the front lines of projects. As a result, they start to feel like they’re just cogs in a machine.

Pharmacists don’t have to deal with this problem. See, pharmacists carry tons of responsibility (ensuring that customers receive the proper medication). As such, everything they do at work is hugely meaningful.

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