How to Nail the Interview and Get the Pharmacy Technician Job

Use this guide to prepare for you your interview and make sure you have everything you need to get the pharmacy technician job you want.

What if one wrong answer destroyed your chances of getting your dream job?

Many people dream of one day attaining a pharmacy technician job. However, pharmacy technician jobs often come down to how well you can nail the job interview.

Wondering how to nail that interview and get one of the best jobs in the world? Keep reading to discover the answer!

From Personal to Job-Oriented

There is a real art to pharmacist technician job interviews. Many of the questions are seemingly open-ended. The trick is to make those questions about your suitability for the job without being too obvious.

For example, the interviewer may ask you to tell them about yourself. Instead of babbling about your family and your hobbies, take some time to talk about your dedication to helping the community and how well you work with others.

Up until now, details about your life and career have mostly been job names and dates. Answering this question in the right way helps to put your entire career into context for the interviewer.

Customer Service

Much of the real work with pharmacy technician jobs comes from customer service challenges. Some customers may grow belligerent when a prescription is late or when their insurance fails to cover enough of the cost for medication.

You will most likely be asked how you would handle such challenging situations. Make sure you have a solid response prepared!

The trick here is to help the customer without demeaning or dismissing them. People look to the pharmacist and her technicians for empathy. So don’t lose sight of the customer’s humanity as you describe how you would solve such a complex problem.

Building a Narrative

Ever wonder what’s at the heart of every job application? The answer is simple: your story.

Your application is building a narrative about why you are perfect for this job. And everything from your resume and cover letter to the interview itself should reinforce this narrative.

Ironically, nothing reinforces a good story like more stories. Walk into the interview prepared to show anecdotes that highlight your skills in leadership and customer service.

Ultimately, these stories go back to the Hollywood lesson of “show, don’t tell.” Why simply tell the pharmacist about your positive qualities when you can bring them to life through a good story instead?

Your Own Questions

It’s understandable to focus on the questions you will face. After all, becoming a pharmacy technician involves knowing the answers to such questions at a moment’s notice.

However, it’s equally important to ask questions of your own. That’s because the kinds of questions you ask help to underscore your familiarity with the job.

You’ll want to know things like how large the staff is, how they keep records, acceptable forms of payment, acceptable forms of insurance, etc.

These are relatively basic questions. However, they all concern the practical nature of your job and help to underscore that you are ready to hit the ground running.

Motivational Mission

It’s typical for the employer to ask why you want a pharmacy technician job. This is a great opportunity to highlight some of your motivations and passions.

For example, you can talk about your desire to help others and have a positive impact on the community. But if you really want to knock it out of the park, you’ll use the right keywords.

Every major pharmacy will have an “About Us” or “Our Values” section on their website. Before the interview, go to this site and memorize some of the keywords they use in this section.

When you are prompted about why you want to work for this pharmacist, selectively use those keywords in your answer. This shows that you already “speak the language” of upper management, making you much likelier to be hired.

Criminal Radar

Unfortunately, many pharmacies become crime scenes each day. This is because shady customers find ways to scam or steal medicine that they do not have a prescription for.

During the interview, you will likely be asked how you would handle such a criminal. We recommend answering this question in two different parts.

The first part is discussing how you would identify a would-be criminal in the act. This highlights your experience and paints you as a potential asset to the company.

The second part is discussing how you would respond to the customer and when (or if) you would get the police involved. This shows that you recognize boundaries and understand when to call for help.

First Steps

Some applicants look at pharmacy technician jobs as a far-off dream. In fact, many do not know what they would do if they were offered their dream job.

This is why so many pharmacy technician jobs like to ask what you would do in the first week of being hired. If you aren’t ready for the question, this might really throw you for a loop!

Do your homework about ways that you might help the pharmacy run more efficiently and how you might update the way records are kept and processed. This shows your ability to think on your feet and also highlights your potential to add value to this company.

No Such Thing As Paperless

It’s easy to think that you will never need a paper resume again. After all, you submitted it to the employer electronically, and they have that file on their computer.

However, bringing a printed copy of your resume to the interview is a very solid move. And it’s one that makes it much likelier for you to land one of the pharmacy technician jobs you have been wanting.

First of all, it shows your potential employer that you are prepared. Instead of assuming they will have your info, you show that you’re the kind of worker who guarantees results.

Second, it helps them actually conduct the interview. Having your resume in front of them will guide their questions and let you effectively dictate the tone of the interview through your simple paper handout.

Finally, a printed resume will help them think about your interview every time they see the paper. The more time you spend on their mind, the likelier you are to get the gig.

Company Homework

When all is said and done, your interviewer is only human. It’s possible to flatter them by doing a little homework ahead of time.

For example, you should research the history of the pharmacy you wish to work for. You can then find ways to insert your knowledge of the company into the answers you give to different questions.

It’s nice and simple, but learning about the company will put you well ahead of most of the applicants. And it helps to give the impression that you are passionate about the pharmacy and its mission (even if the blunt truth is that you would take any pharmacy’s job offer).

Memorizing Steps

Not all of the interview questions are abstract or open to interpretation. In fact, some get right to the point, and you’ll need to have answers ready.

A great example is when the interviewer asks you to describe a typical day as a pharmacy technician. How you answer this straightforward question is actually quite important.

On the surface level, it shows your knowledge of this job and its responsibilities. This shows your competence in this field as well as your willingness to critically read the job requirements on the job posting.

On a deeper level, though, your answer shows the care and commitment you have for your profession. The interviewer will pay attention to how much time you spend on important tasks such as mixing medicine and think favorably about your interview.

Plans and Aspirations

You probably won’t escape the interview without that dreaded question: “where do you see yourself in five years?”

It’s always tough to answer such a question. Comedian Mitch Hedberg once suggested answering that you will be celebrating the five-year anniversary of the employer asking the question!

In all seriousness, though, your answer reveals two important things about yourself. It shows the depth of your ambition as well as whether you think the pharmacy is part of your long-term goals.

Once the company sees you as an ambitious worker who is willing to help the pharmacy grow, your odds of getting hired dramatically increase.

Show Some Personality

“Be yourself” may sound like interview advice from a fortune cookie. However, it happens to be some of the best interview advice in the world.

Anyone can memorize some snappy answers and inspirational stories. But what sets a really good interview apart is your willingness to show your personality.

Don’t be afraid to crack a few jokes and use some self-deprecating humor. This can help you instantly bond with the interviewer, and this more for your pharmacy job technician job chances than any rehearsed answer.

Getting a Pharmacy Technician Job: The Bottom Line

Now you know how to ace the interview and get a pharmacy technician job. But do you know how to get pharmacy technician jobs in the most beautiful part of the world?

We specialize in helping people get medical career jobs here in Ireland. To see how we can help your pharmacy technician dreams come true, reach out and contact us today!