NMBI Registration

All nurses and midwives who practice in Ireland must by law be listed on the Register of Nurses and Midwives which is maintained by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). Currently around 65,000 nurses and midwives who are practicing in Ireland are included on the Register.

The NMBI provides a range of registration services which are detailed below. They include:

  • Collecting and processing the Annual Retention Fee which is paid by all registered nurses and midwives to ensure that they retain their registration.
  • Processing of applications from nurses and midwives who trained overseas and who want to practice in Ireland.
  • Providing a range of registration services, such as applications to join different divisions or to become a postgraduate candidate or to approve Advanced Practice positions.
  • Ensuring that student nurses and midwives are listed on our Candidate Register.

The Register contains ten divisions. In Ireland, you can use the designated (abbreviated) letters below, if you are registered with NMBI in the corresponding division of the Register

The divisions marked with an asterix (*) in the table have different, specific requirements for registration.

Division Designation Titles Abbreviation
General General Nursing

Registered General Nurse

Midwives Midwife

Registered Midwife

Children’s Children’s Nurse

Registered Children’s Nurse

Psychiatric Psychiatric Nurse

Registered Psychiatric Nurse

Intellectual Disability Intellectual Disability Nurse

Registered Nurse Intellectual Disability

Public Health Public Health Nurse

Registered Public Health Nurse

Nurse Tutor Nurse Tutor

Registered Nurse Tutor

Nurse Prescribers* Nurse Presciber

Registered Nurse Prescriber

Advanced Nurse Practitioners* Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioners

Advanced Midwife Practitioners* Advanced Midwife Practitioner

Registered Advanced Midwife Practitioner


Fees: The annual retention fee in 2018 is €100 and a summary of additional fees can be found here. NMBI registration fees are subject to change from time to time and thus require checking on annual basis.

The Med Doc team are more than happy to assist you in your NMBI registration. Contact us to on +353 1 9011306 or email your CV to nurse@medpharm.ie